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Are COVID tests available at Aylett Family Wellness?

In-office/drive-up appointments – available now (for established patients only)* while supplies last!

*Patients who have never been seen at Aylett Family Wellness must see the doctor and establish care before receiving a test.

In-office/drive-up rapid test – coming soon!

At home tests for pick up – check our Facebook Page for availability!

To be eligible for a test you must…

Be an established patient*

*Or make an appointment to also see the providers as a new patient

Have not tested positive for the past 90 days.

Have symptoms.

Have been in direct* contact with a confirmed positive person.

*Direct contact: closer than 6 feet without masks for more than 15 minutes

Be required for work, school or travel.

To schedule an appointment call (804) 769-2015 and select option 1

There is no need to test if you have…

Tested positive in the past 60 days.

Have no symptoms.

Have not been in direct* contact with a confirmed positive person

*Direct contact: closer than 6 feet without masks for more than 15 minutes

I tested positive. What should I do?

Isolate yourself from others for at least 5 days to prevent spreading the virus.

Our providers recommend water, rest and Tylenol.

If you are having labored breathing or new/worsening symptoms after 10 days of a positive result, proceed to the emergency department ASAP.

I tested positive, but I feel better. Should I test again?

Not if it has not been 90 days from the positive result.

Why do I need to wait so long to retest?

The virus is no longer alive in your body, but the DNA may still be being shed and will continue to result positive in testing.

I need a negative test to return to work/school/travel.

There is no state/CDC requirement for a negative test to return to work.

Travel requirements vary by destination. Check for more information

The provider you have established can write a note for your leave/return to work/travel/school.

The provider can also write an addendum to the note if you are still experiencing symptoms after 5 days from the original result. 

To request a doctor’s note (or addendum): call (804)769-2015 and select option 2.

What is the difference between PCR and rapid testing?

PCR testing is more accurate and can take 24 hours to 5 days to get results.

Rapid testing only takes a few hours to receive results.

These results will also be available on your patient portal.

Results are called to patients at 1pm and 4pm daily, when results have completed. 

Vaccine FAQs

Do I need to be a patient to get a COVID Vaccine?

No, you do not need to be a patient* to get a COVID Vaccine but you do need to call and make an appointment

*We are accepting new patients if you would like to be one

To schedule an appointment call (804) 769-2015

What COVID Vaccines are available?

We offer Moderna vaccinations for those who are 18+ by appointment every 2 weeks (check our Facebook page for updates!)

To schedule an appointment call (804) 769-2015

What if my original vaccinations were Pfizer or Johnson&Johnson?

The CDC now allows for the mixing and matching of manufacturers!

I need my original shots, not the booster. Can I come in for those?

Yes! Just let the nurse know when you come in for an appointment.

I lost my vaccination card, how will I keep a record of the new shot?

Aylett Family Wellness can provide you with a new card with the booster information on it and we can find your records from the Virginia Department of Health and provide you with a new, completed card.

Can I obtain a QR code for COVID Vaccination records?

The Virginia Department of Health has an electronic QR code available to download for patients vaccinated in Virginia. To search for your QR code, visit and follow the online steps to retrieve the QR code.

What can I expect post-vaccine/booster?

For information about side effects, myths and facts, and more FAQs, visit the website.

I need routine vaccinations for myself or my child. Do you have those available?

Child Vaccines: Chicken Pox, MMR, Gardasil, Tetanus, whooping cough, flu shot and more!

Ages 50+: Pneumonia, shingles, high-dose flu (65+) and more!

Travel Vaccines*: Typhoid and Hepatitis A

*We are not certified to administer yellow-fever vaccinations.

What if I don’t know which vaccines my child or I need?

We have vaccination schedules available for you if needed. These schedules can also be found here and here

We can also run blood tests to find out which antibodies are still active in your system!

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